AES Registered

She has a fantastic nature and attitude and loves to be around people, she is exceptionally kind natured and always wants to please, Trixie is a seriously quality horse, who has superb confirmation and is beautiful to look at.

Trixie is a really good stamp of a horse and has been bred by us, we have many of her brothers and her sisters here and is a totally unspoilt horse.


Trixie has bred a beautiful foal who is a proving to be a lovely little horse and she was a fantastic mum, she had a few months off and then has been back in work on and off hacking and schooling.

On a day to day basis – Trixie is really easy to deal with, you can ride her everyday for a week or give her a month off and she is no different.


She is happy to live in or out and when she is out she always lives out with a mixed herd and is no bother whatsoever, she is currently grazing in a 30 acre field with mares and geldings and she comes to call.


Trixie is good for the farrier, she has excellent feet and is good to clip, load, travel etc

Trixie hacks out regularly and is great in open spaces, she goes around a busy council estate and often passes the local quarry vehicles, busy etc and is always mannerly and well behaved she hacks out on her own too.

Trixie was professionally broken in and has three very lovely paces and moves beautifully, she has an exceptionally light mouth and gives you an amazing feeling when you ride her. Trixie has been ridden by novices, so she is very good with more novice riders as she is patient and kind, but it would be nice to see her going to someone who has the ability to ride who can use her talents and enjoy her.

Trixie loves her show jumping, she is bold and brave and jumps all our scary fillers, planks, water trays etc – every time we jump her she gets better & better so she is a really special horse for the future.

Trixie has been hunting with us and she was very well mannered and took the whole day in her stride, stood on point mannerly and bobbed on and off the lorry in tack, stood at the meet and she did everything on the field she needed to do, she was fine in and amongst the pack, hanging at the back or going more in the front.

Trisie can occasionally be seen to weave from time to time when on a busy yard in the stable.


see trixie IN ACTION

Trixie Schooling Video Here

Trixie Hunting - Video Here

Trixie Hunting - Video Here.

Trixie Hunting Video - Video Here.

Trixie Hunting - Video Here.

Trixie Hacking alone  - Video Here.

Trixie Hacking  - Video Here. 


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