Where can I see what horses you’ve got for sale?

We have horses that are suitable for a number of disciplines, we have a horses for sale page that lists our current stock of all our lovely horses for sale.

Do you have any other horses for sale that aren’t listed?

Yes we have been breeding and producing horses now for over ten years so we have a good selection of different horses for all different disciplines, sometimes many horses aren’t listed. So please contact us or give Graham a call on 07836551227 and let us know what you are looking for and we can see if we have anything suitable for your wish list.

Who is Aquila Sport Horses Ltd?

We have over 50 horses at our yard in West Yorkshire dedicated to breeding, producing and competing horses in a number of different disciplines. We have many homebred horses and we have carefully selected our horses from all over the continent.

We also have many other horses what we are also working on, so please do contact us if you are looking for a certain type of horse as we may just have it coming through the stages.

Head to our blog to find out more about us and see what we have been up to lately.

Our Horses;

We have set up our website to showcase some of our much loved horses, as most of them are now at an age to progress and start to further their education with new owners. We often source young horses to bring on, produce and compete, we will then when they are at an age we will then look for new homes for each horse to develop and therefore have some a shorter time frame than others. As we are now established producing horses we also from time to time are approached by individuals who’s circumstances change so we do buy horses to find them forever homes.We own all the horses we sell and do not sell on behalf of others.

Do you Part Exchange Horses.

Yes! We are always getting approached by clients in all different situations, sometimes someone has a horse which is too much for them or they are wanting a horse with more experience, or they are wanting to have a go at bringing a younger horse on, as we have the ability to produce horses and take them off to learn new disciplines and keep their life maybe more varied than previous owner, we will never say no to any horse as we always feel we can help any horse and give it the good start they need to find a forever home, Please do contact us if you are looking at one of horses and have one to part exchange.

I really like what you do, but you don’t have a suitable horse for me – Can you find me one?

Yes – we have sourced and produced many horses for different ranges of clientele – so we don’t rule out sourcing a horse for someone, we are a well established family run business and have many contacts in the Equestrian Industry for all disciplines, we have many good contacts and we are sure we would be able to find you a suitable horse for your needs. Please Contact us with your requirements. At present we have 70 horses so if we don’t have a horse for you – we don’t know who will!

Our Promise to You.

We love all the horses that we have for sale and we always try our very hardest to match them with the right owners. We try very hard to not match the wrong horse to the wrong person and offer advice and tips along the way, we are honest about all of our horses as we want to find homes where our horses can stay for a lifetime, we pride ourselves on producing honest quality horses that are well described and displayed on our Horses for Sale Page & please also take a look to our YouTube Channel where we have tried our best to showcase our horses as they are on a daily basis. We spend an awful lot of time on our website, producing videos and photographs as well as a long description of each horse we take a lot of time in preparation for our viewings, and as we are busy we do not want to waste any of our time either by wrongly representing our horses, we understand it works both ways so we ask that you are honest with your riding abilities too before trying any of our horses. If you require any further information on any of our horses or extra videos / pictures please do Contact us 

Please note; Horses can be unpredictable flight animals and sometimes inherently dangerous. Their temperament can change according to care, management and rider ability.

You as the Purchaser must accept that horses are unpredictable by nature and that horse riding is a risk sport. Aquila Sport Horses is unable to predict how any horse will mature or develop in new ownership however we will provide full details of the Horse’s routine and current exercise/feed/tack requirements in order that the Horse has the best opportunity of settling into his new home.

How our viewings work.

Please contact Anna or Graham directly to arrange a viewing, we ask that you tell us a little bit about you & the horse you are looking for & we will advise you if we think the horse you like is going to be suitable for you. We give a good time slot to each viewing & ask that you arrive as promptly as you can, as especially on a weekend as generally we have back to back viewings on anyone day, if for whatever reason you are unable to make a viewing please contact us as soon as you know so we can give the viewing to another client or simply turn our horse out for an extra little break. Our viewing slots should be more than enough time, to meet our horses & see our horses in action, then allowing time for you too to ride the horse, but please do let us know if you require a longer viewing appointment or might want to see more horses then please do let us no so we can book you a longer appointment.

We are also happy for you to come back and view the horse again or do whatever you want to. If you don’t want to take the horse in the school but go for a hack instead or come back and try the horse on two or more occasions then we are happy to do this. We also ask that anyone under the age of 16 comes with a Parent, Guardian or Decision maker for the viewings to try one of our horses. You will be asked to fill in a riders declaration form before trying any of our horses which also states you have read and understand and abide by our Terms & Conditions – which can be found here.

Please allow a little longer for viewings to take place, from time to time we may put you on a different horse to access your riding if we have doubts about the horse you have selected – or simply just to build confidence, we will not put you on any horse that we feel will not be suited to you, we know our horses and we know who they would be suited to, this is most certainly not to be awkward, so please use it as an experience and don’t take offence and have an open mind – we want to match the right horse to the rider.

Is this website up to date?

Yes – we work lots on our website and we update it many times each week so all the horses you see which are currently for sale, are still for sale. We will never keep a horse on the website which has been sold.

Please head to our blog to see what we have been up to lately or our Facebook Page to keep in touch with us. 

Are the horses open to Vetting?

Yes – of course all our horses are open to the vet or trainers, all our horses are very well described, if a horse has a vice, problem in anyway we will be open and honest in our initial advert. If you live out of the area here are a list of vets in the area.


Here are a list of Vets in our Area;

Churchfield Vets Barnsley

01226 763542

Ridings Equine Vets Yorkshire

01977 621475

Minster Vets York

01904 788840

Ledston Equine West Yorkshire

01977 668777

Herd & Partners

01274 601534

All our horses as stated are open to independent vetting checks, so we advise all pre purchase vet exams to be booked in as soon as possible as all horses are still open to viewings by other potential customers until officially sold. We require all customer to be present at the vetting – unless otherwise agreed prior to booking in the vetting. If you want a vetting a deposit of £250 must be received before the vetting, it is only refundable if the vetting is agreed at the time of sale and if the horse fails the vetting for whatever reason. The deposit ill not be refundable if the horse passes and you change your mind the deposit is non refundable or you want the horse vetted after the agreed sale.

Do you ever Loan the horses out? LWVTB?

No, all of our horses are for Sale only. We are looking for forever homes for all of our horses, or certainly ones that they can progress with the rider. Please do not contact us if you are only in a position to loan a horse, as our horses are for Sale only.

Can you help with Tack, Transport etc?

Yes we have some excellent transport companies we work with and can advise a few different companies who often transport our horses to new homes. We can also help with the organising of the transport too and take that out of your hands if needed, if you aren’t too far away and we have spare hour. We also work with a Master Saddler who has been fitting our saddles for many years, we can arrange for the saddler to come to our yard and fit tack to your horse, the saddler also has an online tack shop, so we can help out with all the extra bits & pieces needed then you can ride your new horse straight away! Basically we can do as little or as much as you need us to do!

Terms & Conditions.

Our full Terms & Conditions can be found here. Please make sure you have read through all of our T&C’s before viewing / purchasing a horse.

We look forward to hearing from you. 

Aquila Sport Horses Ltd.

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